Welcome to Written in Uncertainty

Hello and welcome to Written in Uncertainty, an Elder Scrolls podcast sat firmly in the Grey Maybe of Tamriel. This podcast some of the subjects in Elder Scrolls lore that take a bit of untangling. Questions about some of the metaphysical concepts used in the series, particularly contentious historical events or characters within it, that sort of thing.

I do hope you enjoy exploring the Grey Maybe of Tamriel with us.

  • Minisode: What do we know about The Elder Scrolls 6?

    Today Written in Uncertainty is engaging in far more speculation than usual, although with no less uncertainty. We’re looking into the future, and trying to infer significance in things (probably) devoid of detail. Today we’re asking, what IS going to happen with The Elder Scrolls 6? Blog post: https://writteninuncertainty.com/podcast/tes6 —- Send me an email: writteninuncertaintypodcast@gmail.com……

  • Who is Alessia?

    Written in Uncertainty discusses one of the most important people in Cyrodiil’s history, who laid the foundations for mannish domination of Tamriel, although not a man herself. This week we’re asking, who is Alessia?

  • What is the Numidium?

    Today on Written in Uncertainty we’re looking at one of those things where sufficiently advanced magic becomes indistinguishable from technology, where a god was made and then made a tool of conquest, and breaks the world whenever it’s switched on. Today we’re asking, what is the Numidium?

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