Welcome to Written in Uncertainty!

Hello and welcome to Written in Uncertainty, an Elder Scrolls podcast sat firmly in the Grey Maybe of Tamriel. This podcast some of the subjects in Elder Scrolls lore that take a bit of untangling. Questions about some of the metaphysical concepts used in the series, particularly contentious historical events or characters within it, that sort of thing.

I do hope you enjoy exploring the Grey Maybe of Tamriel with us.

  • Who were the Ayleids?

    Today we’re examining the achievements and legacy of one of the most magically adept cultures on Tamriel, who leave behind a vast legacy of arane architecture at the heart of the continent. Today we’re asking, what were the Ayleids?

  • Who was Veloth?

    Today we’re investigating the life and motivations of one of the most influential mer on Tamriel, who defied social convention, founded a religion and created a new people. Today we’re asking, who was Veloth?

  • What are the Languages of Tamriel?

    PSA: Having recorded this, one of my fantastic patrons has flagged a few errors here and there with this. I will be doing further investigations into this. I’m not a language scholar by training, so please by all means flag any errors that have come up in this, and I’ll get to them in another… Continue reading What are the Languages of Tamriel?