What are Kalpas in The Elder Scrolls?

Today on Written in Uncertainty we’re discussing how the cycle of time in the Elder Scrolls universe works, with particular attention to how the dragon eats itself, and what happens when the cycles of the world turn. Today we’re asking, what are kalpas, with a side helping of where do the Redguards come from anyway?

What are Dragon Breaks?

In this episode, we talk about events that reshape gods, countries and time itself. Today we’re asking, what are dragon breaks?

What are the Towers?

Written in Uncertainty discusses some of the oldest buildings on Nirn, some built by the gods themselves. Today we’re asking what are the Towers?

What is CHIM?

Today on Written in Uncertainty we’re discussing that mysterious state of being that seems to grant superpowers in TES. Today we’re asking, how does CHIM actually work?

What is an Enantiomorph?

Today on Written in Uncertainty, we’re looking at a pattern fundamental to the structure of Mundus. We’re asking, what is an enantiomorph?

What Happened to the Dwemer?

In this episode, Written in Uncertainty discusses what the Dwemer were trying to do with Lorkhan’s heart, with the Falmer, and what happened to them when they disappeared during the Battle of Red Mountain.

Introduction to Written in Uncertainty

Welcome to Written in Uncertainty! This episode outlines my perspective on the lore, and what that means for how I’ll be talking about it in the podcasts.