What is Altmer Religion About?

Rather than diving straight in to Altmer religion, I want to start off by looking at merish religion more broadly. I’m defining “Aldmeri religion” a little loosely, but we’ll mostly be looking at the religious traditions that emerged from Summerset. I guess you could say that we’re therefore looking at “Altmeri” religion more than we… Continue reading What is Altmer Religion About?

Who is Mannimarco?

Mannimarco in brief Mannimarco was born an Altmer, at some point in the First Era. He was taken at an early age by the Psijic Order, and struck up a friendship with Vanus Galerion, at that point also a Psijic. He was, however, rather more taken with soul magic and necromancy than Vanus, and went… Continue reading Who is Mannimarco?

Who are the Direnni?

This week on Written in Uncertainty we’re discussing one of the most influential clans of Altmer in Tamriel’s history, who have shaped magic as we know it, and created one of the races of Tamriel as part of the process. Today we’re asking, who were the Direnni?

Elder Scrolls Lore Book Analysis: The Monomyth, Heart of the World

We finish off the Monomyth this week with the Altmeri tale, the Heart of the World: https://www.imperial-library.info/content/monomyth-altmeri-heart-world Check out the show’s website: https://www.writteninuncertainty.com Talk TES lore with other fans at the Written in Uncertainty Discord: https://discord.gg/Jc3r99w Send me an email: writteninuncertaintypodcast@gmail.com Keep in touch on Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/aramithius Watch Written in Uncertainty videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzQ9_UWzSiPvTcmcPmnE-hg Chat live… Continue reading Elder Scrolls Lore Book Analysis: The Monomyth, Heart of the World