Who was Veloth?

Today we’re investigating the life and motivations of one of the most influential mer on Tamriel, who defied social convention, founded a religion and created a new people. Today we’re asking, who was Veloth?

Who is Alessia?

Written in Uncertainty discusses one of the most important people in Cyrodiil’s history, who laid the foundations for mannish domination of Tamriel, although not a man herself. This week we’re asking, who is Alessia?

Who is Mannimarco?

Mannimarco in brief Mannimarco was born an Altmer, at some point in the First Era. He was taken at an early age by the Psijic Order, and struck up a friendship with Vanus Galerion, at that point also a Psijic. He was, however, rather more taken with soul magic and necromancy than Vanus, and went… Continue reading Who is Mannimarco?

What have the Remans ever done for us?

Today Written in Uncertainty looks into one of the most successful, and definitely one of the most technologically-advanced cultures on Tamriel. They built spaceships, conquered most of the continent, and had a ruler who was birthed out of a hill. Today we’re asking, what have the Remans ever done for us?

Who is Pelinal?

Today we’re taking a look at one of the most influential and yet obscure characters in the Elder Scrolls lore. This person has, if some texts are to be believed, formed multiple empires, committed acts of genocide against both elves and the land of Tamriel itself, and possibly came from the future. Today we’re asking, who is Pelinal?

What is the Sharmat?

Today on Written in Uncertainty we’re talking about an enemy of the Chimer and Dunmer people, who has stalked throughout their history, haunted their dreams, and threatens to remake not just Morrowind, but also the entire Aurbis from the inside out. Today we’re asking, what is the Sharmat?

Who is Almalexia?

This week on Written in Uncertainty, we’re discussing one of the most loved and oppressive figures in Tamriel’s history, a self-proclaimed god who has been the face and protector of Morrowind for millennia, before finally cracking as she lost her divinity. Today we’re asking, who is Almalexia? Check out the show’s website: https://writteninuncertainty.com/podcast/almalexia Talk TES… Continue reading Who is Almalexia?

Who is Sotha Sil?

This week on Written in Uncertainty,  we’re discussing a mysterious character, who has been working behind the scenes of Mundus in general and Morrowind in particular, bringing change to the world and hopefully, maybe, keeping it on a steady course. Or he could simply be a liar who wanted to maintain his godhood, whatever the… Continue reading Who is Sotha Sil?

Who is Vivec?

This week on Written in Uncertainty I’m discussing one of the most talked about individuals in The Elder Scrolls lore, someone who has been a god, a mortal, a general, a poet, a liar and possibly a whore. Today we’re asking, who is Vivec? Check out the show’s website: https://www.writteninuncertainty.com/podcast/vivec Talk TES lore with other… Continue reading Who is Vivec?