What is Altmer Religion About?

Rather than diving straight in to Altmer religion, I want to start off by looking at merish religion more broadly. I’m defining “Aldmeri religion” a little loosely, but we’ll mostly be looking at the religious traditions that emerged from Summerset. I guess you could say that we’re therefore looking at “Altmeri” religion more than we… Continue reading What is Altmer Religion About?

What is Oblivion?

Today we’re casting off from Tamriel and going adrift in strange seas. Or maybe just stepping sideways into another world altogether, asking what is Oblivion?

Who were the Chimer?

This week on Written in Uncertainty we’re looking at a culture that has been shaped by conflict and hardship throughout its entire history, willingly inflicting pain and suffering on themselves and others. This week we’re asking, what can we learn from the history of the Chimer?

Why worship a Daedra?

This week on Written in Uncertainty, I’m discussing a puzzle that most people seem to have an opinion on, if not an informed answer. We’re discussing a trend that has split societies, transformed gods and turned the course of wars, all while being something that seems to be frowned upon but not quite illegal for… Continue reading Why worship a Daedra?

What is Lyg?

 This week on Written in Uncertainty, we’re discussing one of the places that is at the edge of sight in the Elder Scrolls lore, almost there and almost not. A place that comes from a tale of razors, monkeys and fire alarms. Today we’re asking, what is Lyg? Check out the show’s website: https://www.writteninuncertainty.com/podcast/lyg Talk… Continue reading What is Lyg?