Who was Veloth?

Today we’re investigating the life and motivations of one of the most influential mer on Tamriel, who defied social convention, founded a religion and created a new people. Today we’re asking, who was Veloth?

What are the Dunmer Great Houses?

The Origin of the Great Houses The Great Houses evolved from clans that banded together for mutual protection and support, and, possibly still function as families in some way, if you believe Councilor Lleril Morvay. Despite a terrible description of them as “political parties” in the book Great Houses of Morrowind, I see them as… Continue reading What are the Dunmer Great Houses?

What is the Religious History of the Dunmer?

Today on Written in Uncetainty we’re continuing our look into one of the most fascinating cultures in Tamriel, that underwent not one but two religious revolutions, several wars and produced possibly the most stable theocracy Tamriel has ever seen. Today we’re asking, what can we learn from the religious history of the Dunmer?

What is the Sharmat?

Today on Written in Uncertainty we’re talking about an enemy of the Chimer and Dunmer people, who has stalked throughout their history, haunted their dreams, and threatens to remake not just Morrowind, but also the entire Aurbis from the inside out. Today we’re asking, what is the Sharmat?

Who is Trinimac?

Today on Written in Uncertainty, we’re discussing one of the strongest entities in The Elder Scrolls who was cast down and humiliated, and ultimately transformed, transforming his people with him. Or was he in fact many other things at once? Today we’re asking, who is Trinimac?