What is the Numidium?

Today on Written in Uncertainty we’re looking at one of those things where sufficiently advanced magic becomes indistinguishable from technology, where a god was made and then made a tool of conquest, and breaks the world whenever it’s switched on. Today we’re asking, what is the Numidium?

What is Mythopoeia?

Today on Written in Uncertainty we’re discussing some of the most fundamental laws of the Aurbis, that shapes everything from the most powerful of deities and how cultures see themselves, right down to the bedtime stories told to children. Today we’re asking, what is mythopoeia, and is Alduin Akatosh? Check out the show’s website: https://writteninuncertainty.com/podcast/mythopoeia… Continue reading What is Mythopoeia?

What Happened to the Dwemer?

In this episode, Written in Uncertainty discusses what the Dwemer were trying to do with Lorkhan’s heart, with the Falmer, and what happened to them when they disappeared during the Battle of Red Mountain.