Who were the Ayleids?

Today we’re examining the achievements and legacy of one of the most magically adept cultures on Tamriel, who leave behind a vast legacy of arane architecture at the heart of the continent. Today we’re asking, what were the Ayleids?

What is the Uutak Mythos?

Today Written in Uncertainty leaves Tamriel and heads east. No, not to Akavir. To the islands of Ynslea, and its bat-elf people, the Echmer. We sit down with Uutak Mythos creator At-Hatoor/IceFireWarden to discuss elves, bats, souls, perspectives, colonialism and a bunch of other stuff in the context of the Elder Scrolls. Enjoy! Interview transcript:… Continue reading What is the Uutak Mythos?

What are the Reachmen?

The Reachfolk’s Origins On Tamriel The Reachfolk are a culture of men that inhabit the area of Tamriel that sits on Skyrim’s western border and High Rock’s eastern border. They are called Bretons by pretty much everyone, but they have some unique history that separates them from the rest of High Rock. They’re as much… Continue reading What are the Reachmen?

What are the Bosmer?

The podcast looks at a culture that is both one of the most and least defined on Tamriel, and tells many reality-altering stories. What are the Bosmer?

Are Bretons Boring?

This week on Written in Uncertainty, we’re discussing a question that has vexed Elder Scrolls lore fans for many years, been the subject of reams of text on forums, including one of the most long-lived fan projects in the series history. Today we’re asking, why are the Bretons boring?

What Makes Redguard Culture Unique?

This week on Written in Uncertainty we’re continuing to look at the Redguards, with a deeper dive into the things in their culture that are unique, namely their gods, sword-singing, and a brief evaluation of memory stones.

What is the History of the Redguards?

Today on Written in Uncertainty we’re talking about the only race to have successfully invaded Tamriel, who have both tried to integrate and stand apart. All this while possibly having the most complete understanding of a timeline outside of Mundus that we know of. Today we’re asking, what is the culture of the Redguards about?

Who is Trinimac?

Today on Written in Uncertainty, we’re discussing one of the strongest entities in The Elder Scrolls who was cast down and humiliated, and ultimately transformed, transforming his people with him. Or was he in fact many other things at once? Today we’re asking, who is Trinimac?

What are the Towers?

Written in Uncertainty discusses some of the oldest buildings on Nirn, some built by the gods themselves. Today we’re asking what are the Towers?